As announced, UniversalLanguage has signed a new contract with Health Care Authority (HCA) for spoken language to provide over the phone and video remote interpreting services. The contract will assist Medicaid healthcare providers in meeting their  Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 responsibility to provide language access services to their clients. The HCA interpreter services program requirements and rules will apply to this new contract. To participate in this program, please have your authorized requester complete and return the Provider Registration Agreement form to, or request to have us send the Provider Registration Agreement form through DocuSign.


Provider Registration Agreement <PDF>

HCA Authorized Requesters HCA OPI-VRI Enrollment <MP4>

HCA Medical Authorized Requestors – Over-the-Phone Interpretation OPI  <MP4>

HCA Medical Authorized Requestors – Video Remote Interpretation VRI  <MP4>

Portal Manual – Requesters  <PDF>

Requester FAQ – HCA OPI VRI K4724  <PDF>